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Privacy Policy

By using our services, you agree to maintain the Terms and Conditions of the ABC Company. You would also have to abide by the conditions as long as you wish to avail of our services. In any case of any kind of dispute or disagreement with the terms and conditions laid by the company, the matter can be settled in the court.

Our privacy policy ensures that there is no data breach for the sole purpose of data protection of our customers. To keep the information about our customers confidential, we laid down certain rules and obligations and according to the law as well. This privacy policy is applicable to all the devices and technologies which have been purchased from this company. So, it is better that customers go through the privacy policy first and make themselves aware of the same.

The Principles for our Privacy Policy

1. To maintain transparency in our business, it is important to protect the customer’s data. Whatever activities we conduct, we do so with your consent and according to the law. For the customer’s protection and for the sake of operating a successful business, our privacy policies are meant to treat each customer fairly.

2. We provide a clear statement on how and why to use your personal data. We offer full transparency for the reason why the data is collected and for what purpose it is to be used.

3. To protect the data from mishandling and from being misused, we use leading technologies and products so that we can ensure complete security of the personal information of our customers.

4. In the case of personal data to be shared with the third parties of ABC Company or its entities, we make sure that they have adequate protection measures to handle such data and offer maximum security.

Complying with the terms and conditions of our company, you should:

1. Maintain the laws and rules laid down as per the law and not participate or encourage any illicit activities falling outside the ambit of the law.

2. Not participate or encourage any activities which directly or indirectly result in the exposure of sensitive client information or any kind of data breach.

3. Not indulge in any activity which harms the reputation of the ABC Company in any form. Any such activity should not be used to downcast any kind of our services or products of our company.

4. Immediately inform us about any kind of data breach or deviation from the terms and conditions laid down by the company.

5. Not post any type of comment in any form which might harm the reputation of the products and services of the company.

The first and foremost rule is you should protect the secret key and username provided to you. under any circumstances, you must not share this with anyone. This includes not encouraging others to use your username or secret key to avail our services and information on products. Deviation from any of the mentioned conditions laid down would be seen upon as an illegitimate act.


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