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HP Customer Support: Handling the Common Glitches with HP Products

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HP is one of the most popular brands of laptops and printers anywhere in the world. They are among the leading manufacturers at present of both consumer and commercial electronics goods. Even though HP is a major player in the industry, just like any other electronic good, there can be a few occasional glitches with the products. The good news is that you do not need to call up HP Customer Service at the first instance of the appearance of any problem. Most of the problems can be easily fixed by you yourself without needing any additional help.

Troubleshooting your HP laptop

Troubleshooting an HP laptop is actually really easy as the most common issues can be recognized easily and quickly. All you need to do is remain calm and figure out the cause of the issue. What looks like a major problem needing a call to HP Customer Service Number, can be something easy enough to be dealt by you.

1. Ordering parts for the laptop:Locate the serial number and model number from the bottom of your laptop. These numbers are needed if you want to call Hp Customer Help Number, or if you need to order parts for your laptop.

2. Battery troubles: Remove that power cord to check if your laptop can run using only battery. If you see that the laptop is not getting power or gets immediately switched off, the battery is surely dead. You need a replacement of batteries in that case.Plug in the power cord in the computer and then in the electrical outlet. Make sure that there power supply to that outlet. Attempt one more time to turn on your computer.

3. Desktop issues: Look into the fact whether your computer turns on and that desktop comes up on the screen. In case there is no power coming to the computer, the power supply must be replaced. The power light will turn on if there is the power is coming properly and the desktop will also appear on your screen. The issue is with the operating system, the screen, or the hard drive if the screen does not turn on in spite of power coming on to the system. It is time to call the Hp Customer Care Number in this case.

4. Hard drive replacement: You will also have to check to see if there is any problem with the fixed disk or hard drive. Insert bootable recovery disc into CD drive for checking and restart your computer. If your computer boots and your screen begins to work, then the possibility is that your hard drive has been corrupted or there exists an issue within the operating system. Use a backup copy to reinstall your operating system without having to make a call to Hp Customer Support Number. Replace that hard drive if this cannot get done.

5. Internet Connectivity: Check if your computer is able to connect to the internet. If you are having difficulty in connecting to the internet, first ensure that there is no issues at the internet service provider’s end. Then, look into whether the router or modem is working. If you see that your computer is working fine with a wired connection, then it is an indication that the wireless card needs to be replaced. Call Hp Customer Toll Free Number to know about the details of replacing wireless cards.

6. Fixing disk drives: Try putting a disk into your disk drive. If the drive fails to work, attempt to reinstall the drivers. Check if the drive operates after reinstallation of the drivers. If it does not, then replace it. You can call on the Hp Customer Support Phone Number for further assistance.

Fixing the common problems with HP printers

The following are the top four common problems that you can face while using HP printers and their solutions

1. Ghosting: Ghosting is a situation where the print out of the image comes properly but a lighter copy of the same image gets printed elsewhere. This is an issue that arises due to problems with the power supply giving power to your printer. Ghosting occurs when the parts like imaging kit or drum are nearing the end of their lifespan. According to Hp Customer Support, such parts are suited for a particular number of pages and once that number is reached you will have to replace the parts to stop ghosting.

2. Smearing of toner: If the images and words smear off when you run your hand over the printed paper, then there can be more than one possible problem. Firstly, the fuser can be nearing the end of the lifespan. Replace the fuser assembly right then. Repairing the fuser assembly is not worth time or effort. Secondly, the toner cartridge might be defective and thus, letting out more toner at one point in time. Replace that cartridge which is causing the problem. Call up Hp Customer Support Contact Number to get assistance in replacing the cartridge. Also, clean the toner that has spilled in your printer.

3. A 50.4 error message: The 50.4 error message on the new HP LaserJet printers is an indication of problems with the power supply. If your printer is connected to UPS, disconnect and plug it in the wall outlet. Hp Customer Tech Support states that a laser printer should not be plugged to a UPS. The surges of power needed by the printer can damage the UPS. If both of the ways do not work, try to check if all the parts of the printer have been seated properly.

4. Printer sheet pick-up issues: There are times when the printer startspicking all of the papers from manual feed tray. The pad that separates the papers have worn out and that has to be replaced. Do not send the whole printer for a repair and just order a new pad for installing. The paper might also be wet due to humidity.


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