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The HP Support Toll Free Number is a completely free line which doesn’t charge you a penny in case you contact the team for assistance. In most cases, the problems are solved there and then. However, in situations where the issue cannot be solved, the team forwards the details of the issue to the technical support team, which then digs into it to come up with the solution. Not only can you call the team via your phone, you can also email them your problems if you find that comfortable.

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Get Instant Support For Your HP Devices

HP (or Hewlett Packard) is one of the most trusted brands in the electronics’ market. With a variety of products and services available to you, it has grown vastly in many areas of technology. Its most purchased devices include printers, laptops and computers. If you own an HP product, you are part of the huge HP family which enjoys the high-end experience in work.


HP works tirelessly to ensure that the best service is provided to you and that customers face minimal problems while using the products. In order to prevent any inconvenience to its customers, HP Support division works towards resolving issues pertaining to their devices. This division of HP has lines through with they can be contacted. They can be contacted through the HP Support Help Number which is available for on the user manuals. Note that these numbers are different for different regions. So, make sure you use the one of your region only.

Ensuring your Devices Run Smoothly

Though the devices rarely hang up, it is necessary to take care of them to make sure they run glitch free. Every device comes with a user manual which details the users about setting up the device, and also the precautions that need to be taken. Furthermore, the information about troubleshooting in case the device stops working smoothly due to some technical problem.


However, if you cannot solve the problem on your own, HP Tech Support is always available at your service. For instance, if you are having a problem installing the drivers of your printer, you can contact the customer support team which will guide you through the process.

Support and help are available for all types of devices provided by HP. The following information lists solutions to a few problems like those with computers, laptops, printers and scanners.

Print and Scan Doctor for your Printers/Scanners

There is special software developed by HP to aid customers so that they can solve some technical problems by themselves, and that too offline. The HP Print and Scan Doctor is one such software which is available for Windows (not for Mac) users. This device has been developed for customers to resolve issues sitting at home without external help or support and for those in a situation where they cannot contact HP Technical Support.

In order to make use of this software, you need the latest update installed in your PC. After installation, you need to select your printer/scanner device, and then click on Fix Printer or Fix Scanning, whichever appropriate. The software will then highlight the issue with your device and also guide you toward solving it. But, if you still cannot get through with the problem, you can always dial up the HP Support Number

which will connect you to the customer support team.

HP support is the dedicated to solving all the problems associated with HP devices. Their sole motive is to allow their customers to have the best experience while using the devices. So, any moment that you are stuck in the middle of your work, don’t think twice before contacting the team to resolve your problems!

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HP Support for Printers/Scanners

There is a huge number of users who face problems while using a printer or scanner. Though the solution may be very basic and simple, sometimes the lack of technically sound knowledge prohibits them to rectify the issue at hand. Problems associated with printers and scanners are, but are not limited to:

  • Cannot connect mobile devices with the printer
  • Paper jam issues in printers
  • Connection issues with PC
  • Unable to understand printer and scanner settings
  • Malware and virus issues
  • Scanner not scanning fully/properly

These problems can be resolved by contacting the support team through the HP Support Contact Number. However, you can also solve these problems with various kinds of software developed by HP.

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HP Help Contact Number: We function under an independent organization, provides all kinds of technical support and guidance for HP printers, laptops, scanners, drivers and desktops. We are not connected to HP brand. Any kind of installation problem or setup problems can be fixed by our expert team of technicians. Any kind of error can also be fixed.